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Creative brain behind JEE-O, concept and product designer Lammert Moerman, only has one wish. To enable the world to feel the JEE-O DNA. Introduce bon vivants worldwide to the ultimate JEE-O feeling and let them discover the experience of showering and bathing in endless atmospheres. JEE-O creates products with tranquillity, peace and space for body and mind, always in an ambiance of functional luxury.


JEE-O is refreshing and ambitious, exclusive and extrovert, tough and bold. All product lines are characterised by robust and powerful design, always distinctive in its simplicity. A look that speaks for itself, JEE-O represents a personal, conscious choice in the modern interpretation of free time. Responding to an increasing need for self-development and more than distinctive in design. Pure aesthetic enjoyment … let us energise you!


What makes us unique?

Afbeelding voor High quality materials
High quality materials

All JEE-O products are made from the best materials and are selected to excel. The used materials are exceptionally strong and everlasting.

Afbeelding voor Easy care - easy repair
Easy care – easy repair

Both, stainless steel showers and taps and DADOquartz baths and basins, are hygienic and safe for a worry free daily use.

Afbeelding voor Unique design
Unique design

Outspoken freestanding items which offer freedom to design an energetic experience.

Afbeelding voor Quality assurance
Quality assurance

The reassurance of years of warranty against production defaults

Contribution to an energetic experience

JEE-O believes in the power of her designs. These are unique and energize the user to start a day. But also after a long day of working or sports the JEE-O products give you energy. Enjoy your beautiful bathroom and the experience of the JEE-O products.

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