The bathroom of your dreams! How do you tackle a makeover?

September 24, 2020afbeelding blog

You’ve made the decision: the bathroom is to get a complete makeover. It is a serious undertaking and also a huge investment, so you don’t want to make any wrong choices. But how do you make sure you achieve the right balance and that it becomes a space that energises you every day? Here are a number of tips that will help you realise the bathroom of your dreams! 

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Design effect in large and small bathroom spaces 

Not everyone has the luxury of a large bathroom you often see in the lifestyle magazines. But don’t let this put you off! You can also transform small spaces into a beautiful design bathroom. You can create unity through the right mix of materials and colours. Choose freestanding elements when deciding on such things as a bath or shower. A freestanding bath or open shower with subtle fittings will ensure that even a small space looks airy and uncluttered, as well as the added bonus of making the room appear more spacious. While another positive aspect of freestanding bathroom elements is that you can keep the walls free for practical accessories like a mirror, towel rack or shelving. Even wall mounted taps literally create more space, so that your basin is free for soap or toothbrushes. 


A sustainable bathroom with stainless steel and solid-surface materials

Besides the feeling of satisfaction you get when the bathroom makeover is completed, you also want to continue to enjoy your luxurious bathroom for a long time afterwards. Therefore, make sure you choose long?lasting materials that are easy to clean. These include stainless steel for taps and showers and solid?surface materials for baths and basins. Also don’t forget to consider the weight of a bath, so that you’re not confronted by unexpected costs if major modifications are needed to your bathroom floor.

Lighting creates the mood in every bathroom

Most bathrooms have smaller windows, allowing little or no daylight in. This means that lighting takes on added importance. Although it remains an intimate space, you will still need functional light to shave or apply your make-up. Start with ambient lighting, often in the form of spotlights. Then decide on the functional elements, such as mirror lighting. The use of a special lamp in your bathroom, above a bath, for example, can also serve as an eye-catcher. Ideally, all lighting should be dimmable, so that you can adjust the light to suit the mood. And, finally, don’t forget to make sure the lighting is suitable for the damp atmosphere of the bathroom. 

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Relaxation provides the right energy

The bathroom is a space where your day starts and your day ends. It is a space that provides energy and relaxation. After a hard day’s work or work out, it’s nice to take a refreshing shower or to stretch out in the bath. Not only do you feel revitalised from your relaxation, but your beautiful bathroom also puts a smile on your face. Choose the perfect combination of colours and materials that personally make you feel good. Matching accessories, and the right toilet, provide calm and balance. 

The bathroom specialist knows how to realise your dreams

Finally, it’s important that you consult professionals for advice. Throughout the country, you can find bathroom specialists who can assist you and take care of your needs to help realise your perfect bathroom. But before you visit the bathroom specialist, it is useful to prepare yourself first by finding inspiration and identifying the style you want to create in your bathroom. You can do this, for example, by starting a Pinterest board.