Bathroom Trends 2022

December 17, 2021afbeelding blog

Looking for the latest bathroom trends? Look no further; you’ll find them all here. Are you interested in calm and basic? Or is a colourful funky appearance more to your liking? The 2022 trends show that there is a need for light and cheerfulness, an atmosphere that radiates optimism. And that can be accomplished in a variety of ways in the bathroom.

1. Round organic forms

Round organic forms made their appearance in 2021, and this trend is here to stay. We feel very much at home in this familiar place. We are looking for softness. Organic materials that are soft to the touch are a recurring theme in every interior design trend. For example, why not choose a mirror with a beautiful organic shape for a change.

2. Don’t touch this!

The main key words in recent years are hygiene and sustainability. These concepts have found their way into the technologies embedded in taps. We are already familiar with them in public spaces. But the real trend is taps with a motion sensor, simply in your own home. Very hygienic, as well as sustainable; this way you consume considerably less water.

3. Go for gold

Gold is the colour that shines in the bathrooms of 2022. This is reflected in the tap accessories and fittings. But gold can also be used to good effect for the basin or bathtub. That makes for quite an eye catcher; a freestanding bathtub in a matte gold finish.

4. From the outside in

Not everyone has the luxury of looking out on a green landscape. But anyone can bring green to the inside. A large or small space… Check out what a beautiful plant does for the atmosphere in a bathroom!

5. Bathroom and bedroom go hand in hand!

Integrated concepts are increasingly more common; a partially or fully blended bathroom and sleeping area. A freestanding bathtub is an excellent fixture for this purpose. Or what about a beautiful freestanding or surface mounted basin in a corner of the bedroom. Anything is possible!

6. Calm for body and mind

To create calm in your bathroom use basic colours. Matching shades have made a full comeback after a long absence. This means choosing a single colour family and using colour tones to create darker or lighter nuances. Combine a light tile and white basin with a matte gold tap. What a calm and luxurious look and feel!

7. A colourful outlook on the day

In 2022 we are seeing a tremendous urge for cheerfulness and optimism. The conspicuous use of colour in the bathroom beautifully expresses this need. Daring choices are being made in tiles, as well as in basins, taps and bathtubs. The choice of a single colour family will create a surprising effect here as well.

8. A single line

2022 also is a year of harmony. Choose all your accessories and fittings from a single line. For example if your beautiful basin taps are coloured bronze, then also choose the same colour for the basin plug, siphon, toilet paper holder and even the flush plate. This creates calm and synergy in the bathroom.

9. Music while you relax

You are seeing, or should we say, hearing, this increasingly more often; music in the bathroom. It may be an energetic beat in the morning or relaxing meditative sounds in the background in the evening; music in the bathroom contributes to your mood. Create your personal playlist for 2022: bathroom vibes!

10. Scent sets the atmosphere

Scented candles, scented sticks and house scents. An absolute must, not only in the living room, but also in your bathroom. And what is more enjoyable than the scent of an energetic, refreshing hammam, in your own home? If you need to relax and wind down then lavender and patchouli is an excellent choice.