The most beautiful combinations in a bronze bathroom

September 24, 2020afbeelding blog

Nowadays, we see the colour bronze represented in many different designs. Bronze details can be found in a variety of styles, ranging from classical to industrial, but also in Scandinavian. Bronze is a warm colour that radiates a certain quality and luxury. Being less lustrous than gold, bronze provides a unique look that conveys warmth to a room. It also forms a neutral base colour, which enables easy combinations, also in the bathroom. 

The perfect match for bronze

One material that goes perfectly with bronze is natural wood. A nice wooden floor or piece of furniture provides a stylish accompaniment to bronze. It bestows peace and produces a minimalist and sleek unity. Marble is another material that helps create a modern and timeless atmosphere in the bathroom. Examples include tiles for both floor and wall. Marble comes in various types, sizes and beautiful colours. Just take a look at the ‘veining’ with all its variation, ranging from black to natural and bronze.   

JEE-O slimline

The chic look with black

Black and bronze are both timeless, and together create an intimate atmosphere. Especially if you add attractive mood lighting. Black also provides a robust, industrial touch. Next to it, bronze stands out, with black providing a nice background colour. However, keep in mind that in the bathroom black has a dimming effect. So consider carefully the way the light falls and make sure the interior doesn’t become too dark. 

JEE-O slimline

Bright fresh colours provide balance

If you use bronze in your bathroom, make sure you create the right balance. You can opt for a combination with pastel shades. These could include light blue, mint green or pink as a fresh complement to bronze. It gives your bathroom a completely unique and warm look. These colours provide a calming effect and form a nice balance, with the bronze adding warmth to the tiles. Choose a colour that you find relaxing. That’s what you need in the bathroom: a space to revitalise yourself! 


Natural look with green plants

You can combine green together with bronze in your bathroom by means of tiles. But you can also go for plants. Choose real plants, or introduce nature in other ways. Pictures of animals or the jungle, or an attractively framed leaf. The green of plants not only goes very nicely with bronze, but also provides relaxation and in some cases even a pleasant scent. Plants are therefore ideal for the bathroom. Make sure to choose plants that are suitable for your bathroom, which can often be damp and without direct sunlight. Plants that do well in these conditions include various ferns and aloe vera.