Dare to choose color in your JEE-O bathroom 

June 4, 2024afbeelding blog

When you think of a bathroom, you might first think of white. A classic look that never really goes out of style. But have you ever realized that the color of your bathroom can influence not only the look but also your feelings and behavior? Color has the unique power to influence our mood and feelings. Choosing the right bathroom colors helps to create a space that is not only beautiful but also gives you an inspiring start to every morning. In this blog article, we will dive into the world of bathroom colors and show you how color gives a unique twist to your bathroom. 

The power of color in your bathroom 

Color has the power to evoke emotion and set the mood. In psychology, for example, blue is known for its calming effect, while green promotes rest and recovery. But what about other colors available for your bathroom decor? With our colored baths and washbasins, we bring a palette of unique shades to your bathroom, from terra pink, bronze, silver, and gold to dark steel, white and black. Each color has its own character and can completely change the look of your bathroom. We will go through them with you in this blog article. 

Pink is soothing and romantic 

Terra pink brings a warm, soothing atmosphere to your bathroom. This color combines beautifully with natural materials such as wood and stone, for a relaxed and earthy vibe. Ideal for those who want to transform their bathroom into a spa-like retreat. The Amsterdam bath from the slimline series in terra pink provides a stylish and unique focal point in your colorful bathroom. The subtle shade of terra pink has a calming effect and invites you to long, relaxing bath sessions. But pink can also be used on the wall. Combine pink tiles with a bright white sink or bath for a fresh and timeless look, or opt for contrast by combining them with a black shower or gun metal sink tap for a bold and contemporary look. 

Photo left Denise Zwijnen

Modern and timeless with silver 

Silver finishes bring a unique mix of modernity and timelessness to your bathroom. This color catches and reflects light in a way that makes the space feel more open and brighter. Silver elements, such as taps, washbasins or accessories, add elegance that is easy to combine with different styles and color schemes. Whether for a minimalist look or a more eclectic approach, silver provides a fresh, modern look that will not get boring quickly. It is the perfect choice for those who strive for a chic, yet timeless bathroom design. The bloom basin, with its streamlined design and subtle silver finish, provides the perfect balance between a modern and timeless character. The brushed cone wall mounted tap in combination with a mirror from our soho series completes the picture. 

Gold exudes luxury 

Gold brings a touch of elegance and a warm shine to your bathroom. Whether you choose gold accents or decide to go for a gold bath, this color adds a natural richness and discreet luxury. JEE-O’s golden acanthus bath, a radiant centerpiece in the Golden Suite at Papendal, shows how gold can be both subtle and striking. This bath combines effortlessly with deep, dark colors for a strong visual contrast. 

Create warmth and quality with bronze 

Bronze brings a unique warmth and a feeling of quality and luxury to any bathroom. This color, with its deep, rich undertones, creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Bronze accessories or finishes, such as wall-mounted sink taps, towel holders or washbasins, combine beautifully with a wide range of colors. From warm earth tones such as rust brown to cool blue and gray tones. A bronze bathroom is perfect for those who are looking for balance between classic elegance and modern appearance and provides a truly warm look. 

Project left studio van Speijers Sports | Project right Johan Herijgers

A natural oasis with green 

Bring the outdoors indoors with the refreshing color of green in your bathroom. With green accents such as plants, tiles, and towels, you create an invigorating atmosphere that is reminiscent of a relaxing oasis. Green is known for its soothing effect and enhances the feeling of recovery and renewal. Not only do plants provide visual appeal, but they also improve air quality, making your bathroom a healthy and relaxing environment to end the day. Combine green tiles with natural materials such as wood and stone for a harmonious and soothing ambiance in which you can relax after a long day. 

Project left HEMELSby | Project right Van der Valk Hotel Middelbrug

Blue accents for tranquility in the bathroom 

Blue creates a feeling of peace and tranquility in your bathroom. What is the best way to use blue in your bathroom? Choose blue tiles: whether you opt for elongated tiles, hexagonal tiles or tiles with a unique pattern, blue accents add a touch of sophistication and freshness to the space. This color combines well with other elements, such as a black shower or a gold tap, creating an elegant and soothing setting. 

Black is the basis for a touch of hotel chic 

Black in the bathroom guarantees a chic, refined look reminiscent of the luxury of a five-star hotel. This powerful color makes a clear statement and creates an unmistakable atmosphere of elegance. Black combines effortlessly with both light and dark tones, giving you endless possibilities to create contrast and depth. Do you choose black wall tiles, a stylish black bath or subtle black accents? This color transforms your bathroom into a stylish retreat where luxury and comfort go hand in hand. 

Bright and fresh with white 

White gives every bathroom a fresh and bright look. It reflects light in such a way that small spaces appear larger and more open. A bathroom in white has a clean and calm appearance, which contributes to a relaxing atmosphere. Using a white freestanding bath, white tiles or a toilet in this color provides a neutral base that you can easily personalize with some colorful accents, such as towels, plants or other accessories. For those who want to create a relaxing spa feeling at home, white is always a good choice. 

Your personal touch 

Choosing the right bathroom colors is not just about following trends; it’s about creating a space that reflects your personality. With the colored baths and washbasins from JEE-O, you add a unique and personal touch to your bathroom. Dare to experiment with color and discover how you can bring a whole new atmosphere to your bathroom with a few small changes. 

Curious about JEE-O’s bathroom colors? 

Color is a powerful tool to transform your bathroom. Do you choose the warmth of terra pink, the luxury of silver and gold, the coolness of bronze or the timeless elegance of white and black? JEE-O’s colored baths, taps and washbasins offer endless possibilities to transform your bathroom. Visit one of our dealers and discover our bathroom series. Give your bathroom a colorful makeover with JEE-O

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