Create luxury and convenience with an ensuite bathroom: everything you need to know 

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At JEE-O, we make bathrooms special. Our bathrooms are more than just a place to wash. They are part of your home where you can really enjoy and relax. One of today’s most popular designs is the ensuite bathroom. But what exactly is an ensuite bathroom and what should you consider when creating such a space? 

What is an ensuite bathroom? 

An ensuite bathroom is a bathroom directly adjacent to the bedroom. These bathrooms are designed for ultimate comfort, privacy and luxury. They offer a seamless transition between the bedroom and the bathroom, creating a sense of spaciousness. It’s like waking up in a hotel every day! 

What should you consider when designing an ensuite bathroom? 

Are you thinking of enriching your bedroom with an ensuite bathroom? To transform this space into your personal oasis of calm, there are some important considerations to make. Below, we share essential tips and points to be considered that will help you design your perfect ensuite bathroom. From choosing the right style to considering practical aspects such as layout and lighting, we will guide you through the key steps to create a harmonious and functional space that meets all your needs. 

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Use of space & functionality 

Think carefully about the layout and functionality of the bathroom. Consider the placement of the bathtub, shower and washbasin(s) to maximise space. Also make sure they are easy to use on a daily basis. With a freestanding bathtub for example, it is important to leave enough space around the bath to allow enough room to dry off. But privacy is another aspect to keep in mind. The windows of a bathroom are placed a bit higher, while in a bedroom they are often placed a bit lower.

Ventilation & slope 

Proper ventilation in an ensuite bathroom is crucial to prevent moisture and mould, contributing to healthy and fresh air in both the bathroom and the adjoining bedroom. A correct floor slope also plays a key role in the functionality of the bathroom, as it ensures efficient drainage and prevents water from standing. These elements are essential for maintaining the quality and comfort of the bathroom space in the long run.

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Stylish design

A stylish design is essential to make your ensuite bathroom a seamless extension of your bedroom. By choosing a consistent design that matches the style of the bedroom, you create a smooth transition that contributes to a harmonious whole. Consider using similar colour schemes, materials and finishings in both spaces. This not only provides aesthetic continuity but also enhances the feeling of spaciousness and luxury.

Project Maison Maillard

Separation between sleeping and bathing areas 

A bedroom with an ensuite bathroom can be designed as one open space, but sometimes a little separation between the two areas is nice. Examples are a glass wall or a sliding door, so the idea of an ensuite bathroom is not lost.

Project Johan Herijgers


Lighting plays a crucial role in the ambience of an ensuite bathroom. Combine functional lighting with mood lighting to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Provide different light sources that you can adjust to your needs, such as bright light for mornings and soft light for relaxing evenings. 

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More inspiration for an ensuite bathroom? 

At JEE-O, we understand that the search for the perfect ensuite bathroom sometimes requires a little extra inspiration. That’s why we invite you to explore the diverse world of JEE-O, where innovation, style, and comfort come together to bring your vision to life. Dive into our series and discover how our unique designs and solutions can transform your ensuite bathroom into a personal retreat. For a tangible example of the possibilities, take a look at our completed project ‘JEE-O Golden Suite’ at Papendal and ‘Cousins Boutique hotels’. These are great examples of how ensuite design completes the room. 

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