Get into the trend: create your japandi bathroom with JEE-O 

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Imagine: you step into your bathroom and are immediately enveloped by an atmosphere of tranquillity and simplicity. Welcome to the world of japandi, where the rustic charm of Japanese aesthetics blends with the modern elegance of Scandinavian design. And to bring this harmonious style to your bathroom, this blog takes you into the world of japandi.

The essence of japandi: what is a japandi bathroom? 

Japandi is not just a trend; it is a lifestyle. It embraces simplicity and harmonises natural elements with clean lines and functionality. The japandi style reflects the balance between the tranquillity of Japanese Zen philosophy and the understated design of Scandinavia. Light wood, pastel shades and minimalism are central to this style.

Minimalism in design 

A japandi bathroom is all about simplicity. Choose the sleek and streamlined taps from the JEE-O flow series to create a soothing atmosphere. The understated design of this series adds a touch of modern minimalism, while still retaining the rustic charm so characteristic of japandi. 

The power of natural materials 

Another essential feature of the japandi style is the use of natural materials. The JEE-O pure series, characterised by its Asian influences, matches this philosophy perfectly. The iconic design of this series ideally complements the natural elements you want to bring into your bathroom. 

Create tranquillity with the JEE-O slimline series 

A japandi bathroom should be an oasis of calm. The JEE-O slimline series, with its slimline and timeless design, exudes serenity. The carefully chosen materials and thoughtful details of this series contribute to a minimalist aesthetic that perfectly suits the serene atmosphere of a japandi bathroom. Discover the perfect balance between modernity and tranquillity with the refined JEE-O slimline series for a bathroom that invites relaxation. 

A freestanding bath in your japandi bedroom makes it all zen.? 
Project Design Studio Anneke Crauwels – Photo Dré Wouters

Finishing touch: natural bathroom accessories 

To take the japandi style in your bathroom to the next level, add natural accessories. Examples are bamboo trays, soft beige towels and small plants to add a touch of greenery. The wall soap dispenser and the robe hook from our slimline series create and ensure a tidy bathroom. These elements will enhance the overall atmosphere of calm and balance. 

Get inspiration for a japandi bathroom 

Are you wondering how to achieve the japandi style in your bathroom yourself? We would like to give you some tips based on our completed projects. 

The round shapes of the freestanding bath from our pure series and the original bath filler create a harmonious interplay. The rounder, the better.
With the use of the wooden washbasin cabinet, the beige large tiles and the slimline tap and shower, this bathroom breathes japandi.  

Getting started with your japandi bathroom 

So, did you get enough inspiration? With the JEE-O series, you effortlessly integrate the serene and contemporary japandi style into your bathroom. The combination of sleek design and natural materials turns your bathroom into an oasis of serenity and beauty. Embrace the japandi lifestyle and transform your daily bathing ritual into a zen experience. 

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