JEE-O & Dopper Water Tap

June 9, 2023afbeelding blog

Dopper and JEE-O join forces to develop the Water Tap 

Dopper launched its latest innovation in the fight against disposable plastic: the Dopper Water Tap.  This Dopper Water Tap allows you to refill your refillable water bottle with drinking water: an easy, sustainable and eco-friendly solution. JEE-O International is a proud partner in this sustainable project and provided Dopper with a stylish robust stainless steel tap, designed for this collaboration.

Banding together against disposable plastic 

The Dopper Water Tap contributes to the fight against disposable bottles and plastic pollution. As Dopper says: “Eight million tonnes of single-use plastic finds its way into our oceans every year. 1 million disposable plastic bottles are sold every minute. Research shows that there are two main reasons people choose to buy disposable bottles: convenience, and hard-to-find public water taps.

Dopper Water Tap: the locations 

Recently, Dopper finished its project to chart all public water taps in Google Maps. With its Water Tap, Dopper is making yet another contribution to facilitate refilling water battles. JEE-O is proud to be a partner in this sustainable movement.  

The Dopper Water Tap is now available in the Netherlands. The first one has been installed in Naturalis and will be followed by the more water taps at eight other launching partners, including De Bijenkorf, Jaarbeurs, and the ABN AMRO pavilion Circl. The European roll-out of the water tap to Belgium, Germany, France, and Spain will start in the second quarter of 2023. 

JEE-O & Dopper: Sustainable with a timeless design

JEE-O has partnered with Dopper in developing this tap. This collaboration was a match made in heaven: JEE-O’s preferred material is a durable stainless steel and Dopper’s desired design fit in perfectly JEE-O’s functional design philosophy. The resulting robust design is the product of well thought-out engineering as well as reliable technology, guaranteeing the tap will provide years of user-friendliness. On JEE-O’s part, this collaboration is a great opportunity to use its technical knowledge and design skills to contribute to a major social problem: the fight against disposable plastic.  

The smart Dopper Water Tap: 

  • Shows drips on screen using 1024 LEDs to drive behavioural change through nudging
  • Online impact dashboard with insights for owner 
  • Available in 8 colours 
  • Location of tap on Google Maps 
  • Design focused on hygiene (hands-free) 
  • Design focused on minimal water waste 
  • Wall-mounted indoor tap 
  • Easy connection to the water supply and drain 

And this tap isn’t just sustainable, it’s also definitely pleasing to the eye! It has everything you could want: Dopper’s recognisable colours of combined with JEE-O International’s stylish design.