JEE-O Golden Suite at Papendal

December 17, 2021afbeelding blog

Where sports and design converge
Once upon a time there were two sports enthusiasts. One with an eye for design and the other with tremendous organisational talent. They met each other in Hotel Papendal to discuss new ideas. In this case upgrading the Executive Suite. Suite? Yup; Papendal has some of these as well. This is how, in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a beautiful concept with subtle references to top-class sports and the Olympic Games in particular, was created.

An undiscovered pearl in the Veluwe
Papendal, the Netherlands’ national sports training centre, of course is mostly known for its sports accommodations. But Hotel Papendal is not as well known. Not only top-class and other sports people, but anyone can book a hotel room here. Its surroundings are magnificent. Right in the middle of the forest where you can enjoy calm and nature. The Veluwe – a beautiful scenic moraine region in the Province of Gelderland in the Netherlands – is just 10 minutes away by bike. There is a great deal of culture to be explored in the surrounding areas and Arnhem’s city centre is right around the corner.

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An oasis of calm
It would be awesome if the Executive Suite were to match the grandeur of this environment. The epitome of relaxation … total wellness. And this is how, in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the idea of a Golden Suite was created. A concept characterised by gold with subtle references to top-class sports. After all, gold medal winners earn this honorary metal by achieving an ultimate balance between exertion and relaxation. This is why all Olympic Games gold medal winners will be the first to be given exclusive access to this JEE-O Golden Suite after its opening this year. This is when you feel like a real winner!

From overnight stay to exquisite experience
Gold symbolises the highest that’s achievable. The best of the best. The experience provided by the JEE-O Golden Suite seamlessly fits in with this. Everything has been thought of and a feeling of luxury has been created down to the finest details; from beautiful bed linen and soft pillows, to a crackling fireplace and well-stocked minibar.

Add to this the beautiful JEE-O bathroom elements; the taps and the showers (oh yes, there are two) in a matte gold finish. The bathroom also includes two beautiful basins in a matte gold finish. But the real showpiece in this suite is the beautiful matte gold bathtub. Picture this; while lying in the bathtub you can enjoy your view of the fireplace. If that’s not the ultimate in relaxation…

Artwork, sports and design
The surroundings include subtle references to top-class sports and the Olympic Games in particular. This is reflected in the lighting and in the unique wall decorations consisting of medals in different shades of gold. But what is most special is the artwork of Pablo Lucker, especially created for and in the JEE-O Golden Suite.

Artwork: Pablo Lücker

The future and beyond!
The Golden Suite is packed with the latest technology. For example, a huge Smart TV is hanging here and you can remotely change the lighting to any conceivable colour. This way you can create the atmosphere you desire to match your mood. The curtains, as well as the fireplace can be operated remotely. In addition, there is a well-stocked minibar for a drink while you are bathing… Or perhaps two, because the bathtub is large enough for two.

Are you that gold seeker?
It is not just an overnight stay, no … it is a total experience. A real JEE-O experience; bathing in luxury in an oasis of calm. Completely recharge yourself… It is not for nothing that our motto is ‘we energise you’. Experience it yourself. We are willing to wager that once you’ve been here once you will want to come back again. Or perhaps the suite will have inspired you and you will want to enjoy that special JEE-O feeling every day at home. Anything is possible and fantasising is allowed. There’s nothing better!