JEE-O bloom

JEE-O bloom bin

| By:Edward van Vliet

Freestanding waste bin with lid

stainless-steel-bloom PVD coated gun metal and solide surface

Edward van Vliet

Designer JEE-O bloom series

Together with the well-known Dutch interior designer Edward van Vliet, JEE-O has designed a stylish bathroom collection: the bloom series. Like all designs of the top designer, the refined collection was inspired by nature and geometry.

Van Vliet’s love of nature and geometrical shapes is reflected in the smooth transition from facet to round shapes in the design of the baths and basins, and in the hexagonal-shaped faucet heads and handles. A sunflower served as inspiration for the shower head.

The timeless bloom collection includes all the elements for optimum bathroom enjoyment: a bath, top mounted and freestanding basins, a ceiling shower and wall shower, and accessories. Designed with care and vision, they are all eye-catchers with international allure to suit any bathroom.

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JEE-O bloom bin
stainless-steel-bloomPVD coated gun metal and solide surface