Afbeelding voor JEE-O cone 2 hole mixer set high
Afbeelding voor JEE-O cone 2 hole mixer set high

JEE-O cone 2 hole mixer set high

| By:Osiris Hertman

Two-hole top mounted basin mixer, high, stainless steel

Gun metal
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Osiris Hertman

Designer JEE-O cone series

The cone series is the perfect balance of playfulness and boldness. From a distance, the design seems elementary, but a closer look reveals unusual details and an elegant finish, expressing the craftsmanship Osiris always seeks in his designs. Osiris believes that, while we should be careful in our use of water, we can still enjoy it. Our bathrooms are gradually becoming places of relaxation, often with seats, music, plants, and if there is enough space, saunas, fireplaces and pretty views.

They are now spaces to be enjoyed and to recharge so we can deal with a world that is much busier and more demanding than ever before.

The conical shape, the basis for this series, can be found in the smallest details. The handles are modelled on safe doors – after all, water is a precious commodity. At the same time, the designs bring allure to your home,a notion that is held dear by JEE-O too. To JEE-O, the design is paramount, the essence of our product. A thorough look reveals cones in all the components.

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JEE-O cone 2 hole mixer set high