JEE-O soho

JEE-O soho shower 02

| By:Grand & Johnson

Freestanding shower mixer with progressive cartridge with diverter and hand shower

black-structured Hammercoated Black
stainless-steel-brushed RAW

Grand & Johnson

Designer JEE-O soho series

SoHo is a vibrant neighborhood in cosmopolitan New York. A dynamic melting pot of cultures and styles, and home to countless industrial loft apartments, SoHo is austere and stark. This freestanding productline is characterized by the same simplicity. Less is more. Thanks to the one-move cartridge in the faucet mechanism, the cleverly designed handle with a tactile rubber coating can be operated in the same way as a joystick.

The JEE-O soho series is the first productline to result from the alliance between JEE-O and the Amsterdam-based design studio Grand & Johnson: creative cosmopolitans working together to shape maximal minimalism.

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JEE-O soho shower 02
black-structuredHammercoated Black