The bathroom trends for 2024: take a look with JEE-O

November 1, 2023

The bathroom is much more than a functional room in our homes. It is where we relax, escape from our busy daily lives and enjoy a bit of luxury. In 2024, bathrooms are being transformed into oases of calm and beauty. Let’s look at the five main bathroom trends for 2024 and how the JEE-O series respond perfectly to them.

Trend 1: Organic forms and futuristic vibes

In 2024, we will again be seeing organic, streamlined shapes returning to the modern bathroom. The flow series responds perfectly to this. This series offers elegance and innovation in a single design. The flowing lines and organic shapes of the flow series give your bathroom a timeless yet modern feel. Your bathroom allows you to enter a different world.

Trend 2: Art deco comeback: say hello to statement pieces

Art deco is back and stronger than ever. Dating from 1920, this style often features rich colours and materials, geometric figures and stylised shapes. With the bloom series, you can create a real art deco look and feel. The daring designs and luxurious feel of this series let you make a statement in your bathroom. It is no longer a forgotten room, but a place that bears your personal signature.

Trend 3: Raw materials from nature 

In 2024, we are increasingly seeking a connection with nature, even in our bathrooms. By using natural materials and earthy tints, you can create a bathroom that resembles a true paradise. The earthiness of the soho series brings this natural touch to your bathroom. Think of wood, stone and concrete combined with minimal lines. The result? A bathroom that radiates warmth and tranquillity.

Trend 4: Eclectic mix of vintage and modern 

The eclectic mix of the vintage 50s and modern elements is a trend which you can’t avoid in 2024. It’s about the details, which is exactly what the pure series excels in. This series perfectly combines classic and modern elements. From sophisticated taps to elegant washbasins, the pure series is a beautiful combination of round and straight shapes. 

Trend 5: Create a Zen moment with a spa bathroom

In 2024, we want to bring the wellness experience of a spa into our homes. The cone series offers exactly that. With its streamlined, minimalist design, this series creates a feeling of serenity. Imagine: a freestanding bath or a stylish rain shower integrated in the luxury ambiance of your own home. It transforms your bathroom into a true wellness spa at home. Amazing! A daily spa experience in the privacy of your own home.

All in all, 2024 promises to be a fascinating year in the world of bathrooms. Whether you prefer natural shapes, unprocessed materials, an eclectic mix or your own tranquil oasis, JEE-O supplies bathroom concepts for all your requirements.

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